Members' Annual Exhibition

Please note that you must be a member of the Nature Group, to be eligible to enter this Exhibition.


Definition of Nature

All images must convey the truth of what the author saw at the time of taking. Any manipulation must be confined to exposure adjustments and the removal of minor blemishes or distractions. The final image must have been produced from a single negative, transparency or digital recording and must not be a combination of images. The only exception is focus stacking,

The Exhibition rules include the above definition. Click here for details.


The exhibition entry will be open from 19th November 2018 thru 31st January 2019.

Online Entry
This year's entry can again be made using the same online entry system that has been used in recent years.  The payment system has changed and now uses the RPS event ticketing system.  The exhibition event will allow you to make payment, and there is a link to the online entry system where you can upload your digital images, including digital copies of print entries. 

You can reach the event by clicking here

Please use this method if possible. 

If you cannot use the online entry system, they you can use the entry form printed in the Winter edition of the IRIS, or download a copy below:
      Page 1 - Dates, etc.
      Pages 2 and 3 - Entrant and Image details
      Page 4 - Rules

     All pages

The closing date for the 2019 Exhibition is the 31st January 2019.

This year you can enter all 4 categories for the same low fee of £8.

Return postage for prints is a standard fee of £8.

OVERSEAS ENTRANTS - Please use the online entry system and make payment via the event ticketing.

Exhibition format

There are four categories, two for prints and two for digital images, with each category being judged separately. Also, up to four images can be submitted into each category.

The two sub-categories are:
   A - All creatures - birds, mammals, reptiles, marine life, insects, etc.
   B - All plant life (including flora, fungi, lichens) and all other subjects,
         including geological and microscopy, plus patterns, design and form
         found within nature.

Two Gold Medals are awarded, one to the best print and the other to the best digital image of the Exhibition. Four Bronze Medals are awarded, one for the best image in each category. In addition, there are certificates for Selector, Highly Commended and Commended awards.

The ‘Tony Wharton Trophy' is awarded to the most successful entrant across all categories.