Image Sharing and Critique

There are a number of ways Landscape Group members can submit images, whether simply to be viewed, or for constructive critique. These are:-

  • Online galleries
  • Landscape Group eNewsletter
  • Facebook critique page
  • Postal print circles

Online galleries

Images can be submitted via online galleries on the RPS website. Sign in to the site, click on My RPS (top right) and then the My Portfolio tab. Here you can add a Gallery. Check the Landscape box to see the Gallery appear on the Landscape Group page. You can choose who can see the gallery and, for each image whether or not to allow sharing and/or comments.

Landscape Group eNewsletter

Members are encouraged to submit images for publication in the group's eNewsletter. These might be individual images for the Members' Gallery, a short text and images for the My Favourirte Place feature or a short piece aboout a successful distinction panel.

Images should be 1200 pixels along the longest edge, at 72dpi. Please do not add borders to your images. Please include a caption and your name in the file name if possible. Submissions should be sent to

Facebook critique page

The group has an active critique page on Facebook, whcih can be found at This is a closed group, for RPS Landscape Group members only, aimed at providing a platform for constructive criticism and feedback for members' images.

Postal print circle

Print circles, which are run using postal portfolios, are aimed at those who like to work with prints to share their work and receive critical feedback.In brief, members of each circle print and circulate images to each other via the postal system, adding constructive criticism as they go. Eventually prints return to their owners who are then able to read the feedback on their images.

For further details on how these work and how to take part, see HERE.