Committee Members

Pauline Benbrook LRPS - secretary

I have enjoyed photography since my retirement from the NHS, and joined the Royal Photographic Society after being awarded my LRPS in 2012.

My passion is landscape photography, I just love being out in the fresh air in all weather experiencing that moment when you know it's right to press the shutter capturing the atmosphere of beautiful landscapes. To further my interest in black and white photography I am one of the founder members of the Essex Monochrome Group.


 Robert Brittle ARPS - magazine editor

My passion for landscape photography has given me many opportunities, from trips away to chances to learn. I have studied photography to both Degree and Masters level. Although digital formats dominate my photography, I still continue to shoot film, as and when the subject allows.

Living centrally in the UK, with the Peak District on my doorstep, landscape photography underpins my photographic practice, both academically and personally. One of my photography ambitions was achieved in 2017, when I was awarded my ARPS distinction.


  Richard Ellis LRPS - chair 

After receiving my first SLR as an 18th birthday present I was hooked on photography and it has been an interest of mine ever since. With family commitments diminishing I have found myself drawn back to landscape photography both for the joy of making an image and of just being outdoors in wonderful light.

I enjoy all types of landscape photography but recently have spent a lot of time exploring the Highlands and islands of Scotland.


  Mick Rawcliffe LRPS - newsletter editor

I became interested in photography in the 70’s, using Minolta cameras and lenses, my own darkroom, and concentrating on portraiture, studio lighting and landscapes. After getting totally engrossed with sailing, and sail training, photography took a back seat for 25 years. After all, salt and cameras do not mix!

My digital photography journey started in 2006, with Nikon, and I returned to landscapes and seascapes with a vengeance, coupled with architectural photography. I downsized to the Fuji X system in 2013, currently using an XT2, with Fuji lenses and NISI filters. My second passion is Infrared – using a Fuji Xpro 1, converted to 720nm. I do my own printing and mounting. I was successful with my LRPS in 2011.


 Mark Reeves LRPS - events manager

I really enjoy seeing modern art (though that doesn't mean I like it all!) and I try to combine this interest with my photography.  I shoot almost exclusively outdoors, concentrating mainly on landscapes and cityscapes.  I draw particular satisfaction from creating pleasing abstract and impressionist representations of the landscape.    

I grew up in Fife, lived in London for far too many years and now live on the Wirral coast where I am lucky enough to look out over the ever changing scenes of the Dee estuary and the hills of North Wales.


 Jim Souper ARPS - web editor

My love of the landscape started with a school trip to the Lake District and has been with me ever since. Though I have taken photographs for as long as I can remember, it is only over the last 15 years that it has become a true passion.

The majority of my work is digital, but I also enjoy pinhole photography. I was able to take time out from the day job to study for a degree in photography between 2006 and 2009, which was a great opportunity to try medium and large format analogue photography.

Based in West Yorkshire, my favourite locations are the Yorkshire Dales, the Lake District and the Isle of Skye.


 John Urquhart LRPS - treasurer

I have been interested in photography since my teens, with memories of blacking out bathroom windows in my parents' house - glove box and Paterson development tank. Throughout my working life, photography took a back seat, so to speak, while I concentrated on family and career.

Over four years ago my interest in photography was rekindled and I joined my local photography club. Further inspiration tempted me to join the RPS. My primary interest is landscape photography and, where I live in North East Scotland, the Aberdeenshire coast, Cairngorm National Park and even the Western Isles have much to offer.