Useful information for aspiring or professional photographers. Includes downloadable PDFs which range from information on copyright to 'How To' guides.

'How To' Guides

Educational features to inspire and guide you. From shooting star trails to the ethics of manipulating your images.

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Lectures Archive

The RPS arranges many informative and inspiring lectures that anyone can attend. Featured speakers have included Queen guitarist Dr. Brian May CBE, inventor of the digital camera Steven J. Sasson and one of the pioneers of modern colour photography Joel Meyerowitz.

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Careers Information

Interested in a career in photography but not sure where your current skills would have the best fit? Know what kind of photographic practitioner you want to be but not how to get there?

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UK Copyright Highway Code

The Royal Photographic Society encourages all photographers to protect their images against copying and unauthorised use. The Society works closely with other organisations and photographers to provide support and education of the issues surrounding the making, sharing and using of images. This useful guide is produced by the British Copyright Council.

Aug 2016
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Science Exhibition Activity PDF

To accompany our Images for Science Exhibition

Oct 2015
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The Nature Photographers' Code of Practice

Produced by the RPS Nature Group.

Jun 2014
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